Textbooks and Tea Cakes is a food blog run by students. Our goal is to curate a blog where multiple students can share their outtake on food and school — so don’t be surprised if you find posts on pies and dorm life side-by-side. Also: It took us awhile to come up with this blog name, and we still don’t know much about tea cakes. But we will.

We’re not experts by any measure, but we love food and want to share our culinary adventures from a student’s perspective. So throw your spatulas in the air, like you just don’t care! Just kidding. You should care. Food is important and flying spatulas are usually considered a kitchen hazard. We hope you’re just as excited about food as we are! Thanks for stopping by our blog, and please feel free to leave feedback.

A little bit about the authors…

Lizzie is a student from Illinois who thoroughly enjoys cupcakes. All cupcakes. One time, she set her microwave on fire when trying to making popcorn in a steel bowl. She seriously considered naming this blog Butter: A Tribute to Paula Dean. Aside from cooking and baking (and eating), Lizzie likes playing lacrosse and quoting the TV show What Not To Wear. She has two dogs named Squanto and Pocahontas.



Halie is a student from Pennsylvania who likes cupcakes, but thinks they are a little overrated. From the time she discovered the microwave in her kitchen at age five, she was constantly concocting various inedible “desserts.” She also learned that you can’t take shortcuts when it comes to making tea — she once put the stainless steel tea kettle in the microwave and her family hasn’t let her forget the incident since. In her spare time (which does not come often), Halie edits Lizzie’s lacrosse videos. Sometimes, when she’s not doing that, she loves taking photographs and watching sitcoms.